How Does Carma Work?

Carma is the Future of Driving

No Surprises

No down payment, no insurance cost, no maintenance cost. Carma means one monthly fee that covers everything you need to drive.

No Hassles

We take care of registration, insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. You drive hassle-free, all at a fantastic price.

No Commitment

Month-to-month flexibility means you don't need to commit to 3 or 5 years of car payments. Cancel or swap to a different car anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does car subscription work?

After you signup for Carma, you choose your plan and pick your car. Keep it as long as you want, or swap it in a month.

How often can I swap my ride?

You can swap your ride once every 30 days.

How many miles can I drive?

Just like your cell phone plan, you choose your monthly miles. A small per-mile fee applies if you drive over your plan.

What kind of cars do you have?

Every car on Carma is a recent model year vehicle that is impeccably maintained. Vehicle models include sedans, crossovers and SUVs depending on your market.

How do you handle maintenance?

When your car is due for maintenance, we give you a notice and take care of it for you - so you are never stranded.

Does it include insurance?

Yes! Every car on Carma is covered, so you don't need to get insurance.

What if a car gives me problems?

This likely won't happen because we maintain our cars. But if it does, you simply swap your ride for a new one. We will take care of the ride that's giving you problems.

What is included in the subscription fee?

Pretty much everything. The car. The insurance. Any maintenance or repair required. You just pay for gas.

How do I pay for gas?

Every Carma car will be filled with gas when you get it. If it is not full when you swap your ride, we'll charge you the difference at the local rate, with a small convenience fee.

What are the requirements to join Carma?

Be 21 or above, have a good driving record and a valid credit card.

Car Subscription Pricing

Carma Monthly Plans

500 Miles

Insurance included

40 cents per extra mile


Per month + taxes/fees

800 Miles

Insurance included

40 cents per extra mile


Per month + taxes/fees

1200 Miles

Insurance included

40 cents per extra mile


Per month + taxes/fees

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